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Removing Cellular Memories and Negative Beliefs


Are there TR points to eliminate (by bringing the charge to zero) a cellular memory, or negative belief that is holding disease? By bringing to zero I mean that when you think of that memory/belief its either gone or has no emotional charge.


Yes there is. We all have some of the same points that hold memories either from this life or past lives that can effect our health conditions. We all have points that are specific to ourselves also. Once these points have been released the physical pain begins to go away. The energy flow is returned to the area and healing begins. All of the current life issues still have emotion attached to them. It is best that the emotion be released at the same time for complete healing. Past life issues often do not have an emotion because we are no longer connected to it but can hinder our physical,spiritual growth and cause pain in our physical bodies.


Within the Tam Healing system we often use points to release memories. When we do work of this nature patients often have emotional breakthroughs during or within the first few days after the treatments. Contrary to what may happen within therapy, however, these breakthroughs do not always involve any conscious recollection of what is being released - it is just released and that is that. Within Tong Ren Therapy we most commonly use points such as GB 13 and C2 to effect the frontal lobe (emotions/memories, etc.) and GV 22 which we use to treat issues held within the unconscious mind.

While it doesn't cover technical treatment issues, Tom's explorations into the concepts of past-lives, emotional repression, etc. are detailed in his text The Unfinished Life.

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