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Remedy to assist clearing of phlegm in lungs



My acupuncturist is out of town, or I would pose this question to her. I am on the mend from a potent virus that knocked me flat last week. At her suggestion, I took Yin Chiao intensively for the first two days, but as the symptoms continued to progress (strong, cutting sore throat, sinus congestion, moving to lungs) she had me switch to Gan Mao Ling - also taken very intensively (8 at a time, six times throughout the day.) Two things happened; one- the cold symptoms were more or less stopped in their tracks. In other words, they have stopped progressing. Sore throat gone, infrequent coughing with considerable phlegm coming up, and a need to clear sinuses repeatedly throughout the day. That part is pretty good news. Not so good is that on the 3rd day, I became very nauseaus, vomiting repeatedly throughout the day, not able to take in medicine or fluids except in tiny sips. I also had terrible neck and head pain. I tried homeopathic remedies - Gelsemium and Nux Vomica, but to no avail. Was extremely tired and restless at the same time. On the third day of this, I called my acupuncturist, who recommended Curing Pills taken in minute mini-tabs and small swallows. I alternated this with my homeopathics as it was still very hard to keep anything down. The next day she saw me and treated me. Yesterday, I began to improve steadily. I'm very grateful!

The reason I am inquiring is that I am scheduled to leave on a road trip for a week day after tomorrow, traveling with a friend. I'll be in a 3 day workshop. My energy is close to normal, but I am still clearing phlegm out of my chest and sinuses. Coughing is infrequent, but is beginning to strain my chest a little. My Dr. is out of town now, and I'm reluctant to take the gan mao ling as we both wondered if my nausea might have been a reaction to the intense dosing. I started taking it in small doses today, hoping not to make trouble with my stomach!

The other remedy I have is Plum Flower Clear Air - left over from a previous illness for someone in the family. I'm wondering if this would be an appropriate support for clearing the lungs. I hate to be alarming those around me, and want to be as cleared as possible by Sunday.

Sorry for this lengthy description. I am grateful for any guidance you can provide.



A few things, many practitioner, myself included, regularly use gan mao ling and/or yin qiao for colds year round. There are differences, however, in summer colds and they often require different formulas to clear completely (such as huo xiang zheng qi wan as an example). We will work with what you have, however.

Generally both gan mao ling and yin qiao are extremely well tolerated until you get to higher dosages which you found out. I would simply take both formulas together (generally 5 or each 3/x day) and you should clear everything. There are reasons to use one over the other, but in my experience some years one simply works better than the other one and using both is fairly commonly done. The Ping Chuan Wan (clean mountain....) is more for asthma/bronchitis and is probably not very useful at this point.


Thank you for your helpful response!

Two quick questions:

1- It sounds like you are suggesting that I continue to take the Gan Mao Ling and Yin Qiao alternately until the symptoms are gone. Am I understanding you correctly? And would taking them less intensively (perhaps as prescribed on the bottle) make sense?

2- My cough is a little more labored, a hurts slightly, which I interpret (rightly or wrongly) to mean that the secretions are getting a little thick and harder to clear. This is why I wondered if another formula that helped thin the secretions and facilitate their clearing would be in order. I asked about the Clean Air Teapills (Qing Qi Hua Tan Wan) since I have them on hand. I&#39m not sure if this is the same as the one you mention, but a different name.

From my old background in western medicine, I think what I&#39m looking for is an expectorant. Does Chinese medicine see this as a valid treatment goal?

(And I promise no more questions!)




I meant it as I said it - "I would simply take both formulas together (generally 5 or each 3/x day)" - so literally ...both formulas at the same time...

I think they will work through the mucus just fine. If you have qing qi hua tan wan - you could take a few of those at the same time.


Will do!



Use acupuncture point St-40 after three days you may feel coughing and for a week time the phlegm will come out easily

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