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Relieving irritated bowel syndrome



I have this so called IBS, here you seem to call it "nervous" stomach. Whatever =)

My question is: is there some active point that I could use to immediately relieve symptoms? I'm not interested in overall treatement - that obviously requires a practioner and I'm seeing some, but meanwhile I need a way to make the symptoms less irritating.

So the basic symptom is bowel movements as soon as some stressfull event occurs. I'm wondering if I can do anything in this situation?

Your guideline suggests CV12 for "nervous" stomach but massaging that in calm state I got bowels moving as a result - that's sort of not something I want to achieve =)

Empirically I would think that some emotion controll would suffice here, but apparently I don't know enough to find the point myself =(

Once I was advised to massage a point located on the outer side of the left hand, on the fourth (ring) finger, on the joint between metacarpal bone and 1st falanx, on the left side of this joint closer to the metacarpal bone. The closest point I was able to find was TB2 (Ye Men). This was completely on a different matter but seems to calm my bowels a bit. But it is not enough =(

Could you please advise me - what point (and in what way) I could activate to relieve the symptoms?

Thank you very much!


IBS is a treatable medical condition that requires a practitioner to treat. You mention that " I'm not interested in overall treatement" - but you should be. And if you are seeing practitioners that are not resolving these issues for you, you should see someone else. Proper treatment coupled with appropriate dietary recommendations from your practitioner is important. Acupressure is fairly limited in it's ability and is best for a handful of relatively mild issues. That said, if it is stress related PC 6 may be helpful and/or SP 6. Most points that calm anxiety have a somewhat descending effect so they need to be properly balanced with other points that allow the anti-anxiety function but limit the descending function - this is easier to accomplish with needling.

For completeness sake, in our Tam Healing System, which includes a self-help energy healing aspect (Tong Ren Therapy), we focus on the following points for IBS:

Huatuo area of T11 (small intestine) and L2 (kidneys), ST 12, ST 10 (both effect vagus nerve), LI 17 (open circulation to/from brain), CV 6, ST 25, ST 37.


I agree with Chad on this. You should be interested in overall treatment. You need practitioner so that a proper Chinese medicine diagnosis can be made to select the best treatment plan for you. And in addition to the the acupuncture points Chad mentioned, I often use ST 34 for acute symptoms of IBS, but again it depends on my diagnosis as there are many reasons that may cause abdominal discomfort and bowel problems.

There are also Qi Gong exersices that can help, but you need someone to show you how to do it properly.

And finally, you may find the book "How to Stop Worrying and Start Living" by Dale Carnegie quite helpful.


Thank you for your replies!

I will certainly give it a try!

I believe that you've got a wrong impression due to my bad wording, English is not my native language. When I said "I'm not interested in overall treatement" I meant that I'm getting some help but from a slightly different specialist - in applied kinesiology. I started recently so I don't yet have any visible results - that's why finding this site I thought of asking how to bear with IBS until I get better from the treatment (or change my doctor).

I'm also starting Qi Gong next week as suggested by my doctor.

But speaking of TCM prationers - would you happen to know a way to find a good specialist in Moscow, Russia?

Thank you!


Thank you and see my reply to Chad above.

Speaking of Qi Gong - could you please name those excersices so that I could ask about them when I start practicing?

Thank you!


the name of the Qi Gong school I'm going to attend is Zhong Yuan Qigong if that meas anything to you =)


Contact our Tong Ren Therapist in Moscow. We also teach two systems of Qi Gong the Da Peng Gong and the Tai Chi Dao Yin, both you may learn easily from texts.


Hi there,

I hope you have found a practitioner to help with your IBS & are feeling better, don&#39t feel alone- they reckon some 20% of the population has this condition! Seeing a good TCM practitioner ( herbs & acu ) & your own doctor should help , alongside trying to cut out stress if possible ;-)

This may/may not help but is good information to bring to your Doctor - I am currently writing an essay on IBS for my TCM degree & my sister ,who is studying Dietetics at Kings College sent me recent research into a dietary based treatment called FODMAP diet. It basically excludes short -chain indigestible carbohydrates from the diet & appears to help with 75% of patients who stuck to it. If u don&#39t have access to medical databases look up for a description of this diet. or even better ask your doctor to look into it /refer you to a dietitian.

If u are seeing a dietitian point them towards to findout more about training etc

Good luck with your journey !!!



for IBS, I think use Ren12 with St36 and Sp4 for acupunture may helpful. for acupressure specially

Sp4 use strong pressure may useful.


Laboratory prove, stimulate Sp4, Pc6 & St34 can restrain the stoamch movement & stomach acid secrete. Stimulate St36 & Pc6 can stronger stomach movement. Human being stmomach has automatic control system, so use those points together can relieve the IBS symdrone. By the way, IBS most because emotion problem, so sooth liver Qi is important, you can add Lv3 & Li4, with Ren12, Sp15 & St25.

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