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Releasing anger with acupunture



I was told that acupunture is a good way of realesing anger/suppressed anger. Can you tell me if this is the case and what to expect - will i feel more angry while the energy is being retored etc or will i not notice


Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine can be used to resolve a variety of psychological/emotional issues - anger and frustration are certainly included within this. While some people undergoing treatment for emotional issues will go through a sort of "healing response" where the symptoms are aggravated in the short-term this is not always the case.

Anger and frustration is related to the Liver system in Chinese Medicine and most often the two patterns LV Qi Stagnation and/or LV Yang Rising (although there are others). The following articles, herbs, etc. may be helpful.

My Liver is What? - The first in a series demystifying Chinese Medicine Theory

for Patients and the General Public

Xiao Yao Wan is a classic patent herbal remedy for these types of issues and LiRen is a modern adaptation for the same general symptoms.

Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Meditation can all also be helpful, see:

Simple Meditation Techniques - Stress Reduction, Focus, and Change

Tai Chi Dao Yin and/or Da Peng Gong Qi Gong Routines (both easy to learn)

Tai Chi for Beginners (book) and/or (DVD) (short form that is easier to learn, other forms are best with instruction)

As a side note, you posted this question 3 times (2 in unrelated forum posts) and once here where it gets answered. Please refrain from incorrect/excessive posting on our forums as it takes away from the time we have to answer questions. Thanks!


as a long-term patient who started with extreme liver stress, i first had to learn to tell the difference between what i now call mental or emotional anger -- anger arising from my ideas and sense of how reality should be -- and what i call physiologic anger -- my body's cries for help when i've depleted my reserves by continually using my emergency systems without rebuilding when there's no emergency.

we live in a culture that has no realistic idea of how human bodies should be nurtured and used. as a result we tend to misread the signals, sometimes with devastating results for ourselves and those around us. i had over-used my body so badly that the emotional aspects of anger were far easier for me to deal with than the physiologic.

the first step with this was to slow down my mind enough to check and see if the emotion or the reason came first. whenever we feel an emotion, our first reaction is to look for a reason. but when our bodies are asking us for help, sometimes the emotion is the only language they can speak. there is no other reason. as an aspect of damage control, i developed some strategies -- comic postures and nonsense words -- to make my temper look as ridiculous as it was. it warned family and friends to stay out of my way until things could calm down inside me. it also reminded me to not take my ideas about what was happening so seriously and helped reduce stress that would have kept physicologic problems going longer.

herbs were an essential part of the solution for me. they backed up the acupuncture to keep things moving faster than acupuncture alone would have done. treatments didn't make my temper worse, and they didn't make it disappear. they gradually made me feel stronger inside. over time i became able to recognize how to take better care of myself and not over-use my body so badly. feeling better, mind more clear, i gradually learned to express myself in ways that made more room for what was right for me instead of being so easily bullied by externals. i also learned to more fully recognize my own real desires and needs and to be less influenced by the cultural and workplace pressures around me. i found ways to keep people off my back and to not push just because it was the thing to do.

because my condition was so extereme, it took years for me to get where i wanted to go. judging from what you wrote, your condition is just the tip of the kind of iceberg i had made for myself. if you are fortunate enough to find a top quality practitioner, it could be well worth your effort to go the whole distance with traditional oriental medicine. the experience of embodied wellness it offers is outside of and beyond anything i had grown up in this country to expect.


I have treated several patients with wet cupping over liver back shu points bilaterally and was pleasantly suprised how quickly the patients responded(within days)




In Chinese martial arts energy training, there are a lots of energy release ways. For example, if the angry energy in the head, open the Du20 to release the energy to sky, if the angry energy in the chest, make a deep breath to exhale out the energy, if the energy in stomach, hold it, it will become the power to practice kung fu more hard, and there are a lots of energy transfer techniques in martial arts fighting. This is why the Chinese martial arts master looks like more patience than normal people.


I distinctly remember having a patient who had just had his laptop stolen (actually "borrowed" and never returned) and he was fuming so much one could almost see smoke coming out of his ears.

I don&#39t remember what points I used (it was out of clinic and I just whipped out my needles to treat her - with her permission of course). I do remember using baihui, sishencong and taichong.

What I DO remember is how she described the feeling afterwards. She said she was still angry (because this anger is a natural reaction to what happened), but that the anger no longer seemed heavy and overwhelming.


what two points have the most internal connections to other meridians?


Am not sure if I understand the question right, but from how I understand it I would say Baihui Du 20 and Dazhui Du 14

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