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Release of Emotions



Recently I recieved an extensive Shiatsu treatment it was my first ever. The approach was quite firm as requested. After the massage I felt quite balanced and centred. Upon waking up the next morning I arose with the expected physical soreness but unexpectedly I also felt emotionally drained and fatigued.

The next day when I arose I felt in a complete state of anger and reactivity allong with the above symtoms.

It's now day 3 and i'm slowly starting to regain my energy and centre.

I was wondering as a result deep seated and stored emotions and been released , and I was acting out these feelings the following days...?

Is this a natural effect of Shiatzu.?. If so is there any techniques to process these emotions effectiviely..?




Emotional releases are certainly a common aspect to the healing process - not a necessary one, but somewhat common. Most often these reactions if they happen at all will be limited to the first couple treatments and then things will be much smoother afterwards. In the majority of cases it's best just to let the process work itself out paying little attention to the details and not getting overly involved in how you are feeling. Just let it go - physical exercise is often very helpful, even walking.

Some practitioners like to have you analyze the details of your emotions as they come through, but I very often feel that the best course of action is to simply let them go. The more people try to think about what is happening, process their emotions, etc. the more tendency they have to hold on to them and increase their role. The only exceptions are memories of physical/sexual traumas, etc. which are sometimes released during treatments and those should usually be worked through with some form of therapy as the recollections can often be very powerful once small memories begin to surface.


Last year my mother was watching a TV show (some drama like Grey's Anatomy) and one character underwent acupuncture and had an emotional reaction to the point of tears, and on the table. She wanted to buy me a session of acupuncture, so I have finally gone (yesterday) and they said that my spleen is very weak.

Anyway, I had forgotten at this point that there were possibilities of emotional releases, since I finally went to the acupuncturist on a whim. I felt angry when I went to my kung fu and qi gong class in the evening and then also felt very self-conscious and sensitive. I couldn't perform for the first half, and then the second half I had to leave because I felt so distraught. I didn't want to cry in front of anyone, so I tried to regain composure. I don't like to hide my feelings and I wanted to work them out, but there didn't seem to be as much as I thought there would be. I suppose we shall see as I continue to take the medicine and return next week for my appointment. There doesn't seem too much to cry about, when I thought about it, but I didn't want anyone worrying about me having disappeared, so I had to suck it up and formally depart.

I don't recommend analysing emotions, because I agree that people may set themselves on these feelings and never really let go of them, but I would say to cherish and know all of them, accept them, and let them go. It's tough to let them go since they have been with us for so long, but then that is why I am going for the therapy.



Maybe its the effect of Shiatzu treated to you. So you must do a breathing exercise (inhale & exhale) for 30 minutes everytime you experience this emotional problem. Then sit a moment for a little meditation I think this will be best for you, so you can feel your mind and body relax. This is only few procedure I can share it with you. Thank you.


Crying shows that you may of been holding onto some grief, and anger and frustration could be held onto resentments about family or friends, in which case, its good to let them go, I do agree with Chad on that point, and also believe that it is helps the natural healing process of the body.

A lot of people have tightness in the mid thoracic part of the spine, and I recognise this to be held onto anger or resentments, as there is no other musculoskeletal strains or improper posture causing this stagnation.

Emotions such as anxiety builds in the upper part of the body, when our energy is swirling due to stimulation or projecting too far into the future, anxiety builds or we begin to panic and dread the worst. Awareness of this energy build up, and practice still mind practices, with deep breathing and being in the present can allow us to flow with life and its events better.


I&#39ve noticed that many points have a release of emotions and they can be minor or major releases. Many times the name of the point is a big help in identifying its effects. Like the great depression point on the lung channel -- lung 9 has helped many of my patients come out of a depressive funk. Now, seriously, how many of your patients come in and ask, "please deliver me from my depressive funk?" Few probably but being sensative to the nature of points and their overall emotional content -- gives you latitude when the patient needs it. I seriously think our intention going into the session has an added dimension to the overall effect of the needles. So I look for the range of emotions in each five element channel and try to identify the nature of its points along that range. Like the liver channel manages anger ... which can range from irritability to anger to rage. And it can run hot or cold. Hot tends to rise and bring heat higher in the body like a red face or eyes. Cold tends to be depressive and produce an almost passive aggressive sort of anger.

Now a case in point. A next door neighbor flees out of the house screaming he is going to kill someone. I rush over to his truck, grab his hand, and lock into a point that releases the anger. He finally looks at me and says, "ok, I&#39m okay, you can let go now." What a day in the life of an acupuncturist in America.


Most forms of Bodywork and Energy Work can act as the catalyst for release of unexpected and/or unexpressed emotions. More specifically, Deep Tissue Massage seems to be the area where "emotional release" is most prevelent. Well, at least where "emotional release" is most expected to occur.

Generally, drinking a good bit of water after one&#39s treatment allows the flow of emotions to dissipate quickly. This is not to say that the emotional release will mean very litte or will not occur at all. Quite the contrary. They can be very powerful and very cathartic.

However, the anger and upset seems to be diminished when the body is well hydrated. In fact, additional water drinking is suggested when the feelings and emotions become to come to the surface. It is always best speak to your practitioner at your follow up appointment.


I admire your pro active approach (Leapingfrog) thanks for the (Lu-9) point location. Shiatsu calls for lots of stretching and extremity shaking flexing and connective soothing (making nice) strokes after the trigger & other deeper tissue point work.

Some other Pro-actice (Discharging) hand-mudras or divine gestures might be in order for emotional overLode Flicking the fingers out forcefully several times from under the thumbs, or blowing a smiling worming out-breath into and onto (praying Hands-pronnahs) onto mudras. Nuances I’m sure but, processing these emotional feelings is as they must know by now’ best moved beyond’ ASAP. Anyway the healing inner smile Laughing crying sighing are just expression of Chi shifting & moving. So final point’.. Plz. See Master Li June & His emotional alcimy with the eternal infinite universal nature of absolute acceptance.

Exercises he came came to Him & changed His emotional understanding entire. I love them too Plz. See & try “ Shenzhen” Qi-gong on the YouTube. Sheng Zhen Qi Gong develup

Designed to help us develop and then maintain an uninterrupted energetic dialog between (one) with Source working to lighten the anxiety of the spirit by lifting one’s morale. When that happens the results of bodywork become more evident. good luck everyone.


This definitely sounds like a powerful release of emotions due to the Shiatsu treatment. Shiatsu works on the Nadis / Sen points which affects our Energy System. In Yogic understanding, we hold deposits of karma in our Nadis. This can show up as blockages of intense emotion. When you receive healing work that gets these blockages moving, you might experience this as a release where you feel you are acting out the emotion. When this happens right after a healing treatment, this is a red flag that you are releasing a karmic deposit. Don&#39t panic! It is a healthy and wonderful thing to unwind and heal these old deposits. The problem arises when we get stuck acting it out, as you mentioned. This effect can be nuetralized by a good meditation practice. Meditation will help you to witness the emotions, rather than identify with them. And it will also help you to process the intense emotions much faster. I recommend finding a local class or group in your area.

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