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Reg: Endometriosis cyst in the ovary


Hi everyone,

I have a question. Is endometriosis cyst in the ovaries a sign of blood stasis. Will it affect a woman fertility the same way as if the cyst is in the Uterus. How do you treat them regarding herbal formula and acupuncture point?



Fibroids, cysts, masses, etc. can be a sign of blood stasis, but also a buildup of dampness or phlegm using TCM terminology. Some women who suffer from endometriosis experience ovarian cysts. Within ovarian cysts there are many types, one of which is called endometriomas. This may be what you are referring to.

As with any condition you should never treat just the main symptom - but use all of the diagnostic information obtained through questioning, tongue, pulse, etc. and treat the pattern that arises. You will get much better results this way.

In our system, we would use an appropriate selection of standard TCM points and then we would be likely to use the points listed in the Tong Ren for Endometriosis section - which would be the same for ovarian cysts, etc.

In certain cases, we may also use the LiRen Herbal Formula which helps with a variety of PMS complaints, also fibroids, cysts, etc.

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