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Reference for governing vessel



I have been doing some important research into GV 15 and 16 and which parts of the brain they relate to. On this website it mentions the medulla, can someone please point me in the direction of where that is sourced from or a book that would contain that reference. I have been looking but can’t find it anywhere.

thanks in advance


On the GV 16 page directly above that notation is a link to the Tong Ren/Tam Healing System which is the system we utilize clinically and where that reference comes from. On the page it links to there are many other links that describe the system and for more details there are links to the tam healing system section in our store - within which the text “beyond acupuncture” may be of interest.

Essentially, however, the point is not only near the medulla area it is used to clinically affect the functions which are directed by the medulla and there is historical clinical observations for these functions as well.


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