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Reduction of Breast size



One of my clients- a 25 years old unmarried girl- has developed back ache. She has very huge sized breasts. and appears that due to this load she bends forward while sitting or walking. She is being treated for back ache but whether reducing breast size will help her ? Can some one guide me how this can be effected ?


Yes a reduction in breast size (i.e. reduction mammaplasty) is a common procedure that is often very helpful. I don&#39t believe there is a way to truly do this with Chinese Medicine alone, however. Surgery would be the only option.


Thank you Chad.

But is there any preventive measure for this type of growth? because younger sister of this patient (Age 17) is also likely to get similar problem.


It may be that the size of this woman´s breasts make her self conscious and she bends forward to attempt to disguise them. In which case a wellfitting supportive bra and some posture exercises may prevent surgery which is rather drastic. Is it possible to use acupuncture to build confidence to overcome the effect of the unwelcome looks and comments she undoubtedly gets from men.



Patient is already guided for these things and also she is undergoing some exercises but I am requesting for some preventive measures also, preferably in TCM so that her sister can get proper treatment before it aggrevates.

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