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Reduce Phlegm Creation


I noticed that St 40 is really good point to drain phlegm from chest. But i am not sure about the best points to stop phlegm creation on chest.

Also please guide about the cause of breathing issue between 21:00 - 3:00 and what points i can prefer for this.

- Thanks


The Lungs store phleghm but the Spleen produces phlegm. Hence if prevention is the key ST 40 can still be used but I would add Lu3 and Sp3 especially if the patient is deficient.

If indicated I like to apply moxa to BL20 as well.


Thanks allot for the great info, this is really going to help.


i got good result sp 9 +sp 6 for reduce phelgm,


I like to use Lu. 5 (especially if there is some heat too) and possibly PC6 for the chest. Diet is going to be a huge proponent of this too. The patient should avoid sugar, processed foods, dairy foods and greasy foods. I find that green tea works wonders for Phlegm.


I also use Lu 1 and Ren 17 for this case. Certainly St 36 could also help if the root cause is St/Sp deficiency. In addition, I always recommend removing dairy products to resolve phlegm.


I say add SP3.

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