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Red and burning tongue



Im so happy I found this forum, maybe I will finally get some help with my burning tongue.

In the past 4 years I have had problems with my tongue. On and off burning…very red with a thin yellow coating in the back. I have for years tried to see a pattern when it burns and some foods I eat, but no patterns.
Sometimes my tongue is extremely red and swollen and shiny and other days pale.
Some days no burning, but I always have teeth marks on the side of the tongue and also a straight line in the middle.

Im 37 years old. Never eat processed foods or anything that have an ingredient list. Mainly fruits and veggies.
My digestion is good. No problems with my stomach and stools… and I sleep good.

I think I have too much heat in my body…? and deficiency in my spleen…?

I have ordered rehmannia herb for the heat. But I don’t know how to take it or how long I need to take it or even if its good for me?

I really appreciate some answers.

Have a great day!



To start with have you seen an acupuncturist for your condition? If not, that is where I would start as there is only so much that can be accomplished online due to the deeper and systemic way we look at things.

Generally speaking if you have a yellow tongue coating, your digestion is not fine which is a common cause of a burning sensation in the tongue. It is not always from dietary factors, which is why you can still have issues even with a decent diet. Long story short, however, this is a very resolvable condition if the correct pattern is diagnosed in Chinese terms (see “treating the cause and not the symptoms”).

I suggest you find a practitioner in your area who also practices Chinese herbal medicine and give them 2-3 months to get everything fixed up. I would not, take one off herbs, rather rely on carefully crafted Chinese herbal formulas. Generally speaking you would clear the digestive issues first (the heat) (perhaps formulas like shu gan wan, as an example) and then deal with what is underlying it (either spleen deficiency formulas and/or yin deficiency formulas such as liu wei di huang wan), but those are just general examples…


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