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Recurring Canker Sores



I’ve been suffering from frequently recurring canker sores and I’ve noticed that it comes up usually when my monthly period is about to start so I’m suspecting that it has something to do with hormones. When I get stressed, the sores also appear but stress can be managed. My problem is how can I prevent canker sores from forming if it is related to my monthly cycle? Ever since I hit puberty, the sores just won’t leave me. I’m thinking maybe there are some supplements or herbs or other treatments that I can incorporate into my lifestyle in the long-term to prevent or minimize the chances of making my canker sores appear. Has anyone out there been successful with managing recurring canker sores? Please help :’(


There may be some herbal formulas that are helpful overall, but the best treatment would come from seeing a practitioner in your area and working on the underlying issues. As you are finding canker sores are generally from deeper issues in the body and treating those deeper issues is what Chinese Medicine does by it’s very nature ( see “Treating the cause and not the symptoms”).

Many times canker sores that relate hormonally will be from what we call liver qi stagnation - nothing to do with your liver (see “my liver is what?”). But there are a few other possible diagnoses in Chinese Medicine terms including heart fire and stomach and spleen damp heat among others.

I would suggest you see a practitioner locally and obtain a correct diagnosis, with that, if appropriate, you can choose the correct herbal formula(s) (see “how to choose an herbal formula”).


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