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Recovering from anorexia


Submitted By: pi

Can you tell me what points might be recommended for someone who is recovering from anorexia? The woman is 70 years old, 79 pounds and is seeing a psychotherapist, but the recovery is going much slower than desired. I was wondering if there were any acupuncture points that would help facilitate the healing and recovery.


To offer a more precise diagnosis you would need to offer much more information including an accurate tongue diagnosis and pulse diagnosis. Generally, however, anorexia would likely cause Spleen and/or Kidney Yang Deficiency. Given her age Kidney Yang Deficiency would likely be a large part of her imbalance.

If you read the section on Kidney Yang Deficiency (here) there are some recommended treatment points. Moxibustion could also be helpful on points such as KD 3, ST 36, CV 6, etc.

Anorexia, however, is ultimately a brain chemistry issue so a full treatment also requires working on that aspect as well - many times this is a KD Yin Deficiency or a HT Yin Deficiency.

From the Tam Healing System, I use tuina and/or acupuncture on such points as UB 13 and the C2 area to effect the frontal lobe.

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