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Really desperate for help have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome


I am quite desperate and have been ill for sometime with debilitating fatigue. I have been having trouble finding a quality TCM practitioner in my area. It’s really a long story. I have done lots of reading about TCM and it seems like in many cases like mine that it is a spleen issue along with liver. This resonates with me greatly. I am just looking for some guidance. I’m not sure what steps to take and would like to discuss my issues with someone on here so I know how to move forward with a TCM practitioner. Thanks for your time.


Just out of curiosity what area are you in? (send me a private message to maintain your anonymity) Generally speaking yes fatigue is usually associated with at least some type of spleen system disharmony. Diet, activity level, mood, stress, and posture are likely going to all be factors in your overall condition.

How long exactly have you been feeling ill? Is is getting progressively worse, does it wax and wane? What other kinds of symptoms other than fatigue (i.e. weakness, dizziness, loose stools, bloating, palpitations…etc).

In most cases, regardless of potential western medical diagnosis, fatigue is something TCM should be able to help if not eliminate entirely.


Hey Stephen thank you very much for your reply. I have been looking on here for a little while and can’t seem to figure out how to Private Message, i’ll keep looking. I have been feeling ill for about 7-8 years now. It wax and wanes but really its always pretty bad. Symptoms; extreme fatigue, very poor sleep, vision, very bad digestion. lots of neuro stuff unable to concentrate. All the things you listed except palps dont’ seem to be a huge issue. I have been fairly debilitated for at least 5 years now.

I’ll try to find how to PM and message you my location. I have been to three TCM practitioners out here and all have a different diagnosis and to be honest have some red flags. I think my case is kind of complicated and i’m looking for some kind of guidance here. I appreciate your reply.


To private message you can click on anyones name and if they have it enabled, you click the “message” button.


With the practitioners keep in mind that these types of issues can easily take 2 -9 months or more to fully resolve. So, it is not that implausible for them to come up with different initial takes on your situation - as it is likely a layered diagnosis anyhow. It certainly doesn’t mean they are wrong.

So long as you see a fully licensed acupuncturist (not an MD, PT, etc. who “does acupuncture”) and if that person also practices the other aspects of Chinese Medicine - herbal medicine and tuina (medical massage) - you should be in good hands. But you will have to give it some time.


Ah yeah it looks like maybe he doesn’t have it enabled. Thanks for the reply.


Chad I understand this. Let me explain with the three practitioners I saw:

1-Said it was probably my kidneys but didn’t know, he said he can help with acupuncture but isn’t as well versed with herbs. Which he feels I need.

2-Was a master herbalist, he spent collectively maybe 6-7 minutes with me. Didn’t really read over my symptoms and assigned me a bunch of stuff. The whole thing cost me $440, and if anything the herbs over taxed my liver. He doesn’t want to tell me what he thinks is going on. Between time spent, cost and results. I have concerns.

3-Third guy I saw really didn’t seem to take me seriously. I think their clinic deals mostly with fertility. Even though he said my pulse was extremely weak for my age he told me I needed just to get outside. To try to make money with an internet start up. He also told me I “looked fine” this is probably the worst thing you can tell someone with Fibro, CFS, Dysautonomia. I have no idea how i’m supposed to “look” that shows illness. I am pale, have dark circles around my eyes, have a belly.

So this is what i’m working with now. I’ve been seeing doctors for so long I know when i’m not going to get somewhere with a guy. I am willing to give it another shot with the Master Herbalist but I really don’t have money and put the last visit on a credit card. At this point I need to find guidance from someone who is willing to talk.


Not knowing you and not really knowing much about your situation, all I can offer is to not see the #2 - that’s is just far too marked up on the herbs. No matter what you are doing herbally it shouldn’t be more than 30-50 for a month supply. #3 is no good either if that is what they really said.

Personally if those are your only options, I would stick with #1, give them 6-10 treatments to get some sort of positive response happening and then when they know your case well and have seen some positive response then either you or that practitioner can write in to discuss possible herbal options.

Honestly, however, I wouldn’t overthink too much about what they say is going wrong with you as the imbalances as discussed in Chinese Medicine have little or no correlation to the physical organs in western medicine - so without knowing the theory in depth there is little you can say to a patient that makes much sense. In the most general terms possible, your range of issues should be relatively easy to resolve with Chinese Medicine - it is an extremely common set of issues for seeing an acupuncturist.

Either way this will likely take time and you’ll have to just have a moderate amount of trust in the practitioner and let them help your body see this through. While I could grill you with a bunch of questions and get a good working diagnosis with herbal recommendations you will ultimately do better with both acupuncture and herbal medicine guided by, ideally, a single practitioner who can watch your the response of your body over time.


#1 Advised I see someone else. Yes that is really what #3 said, i’ll keep searching.


Do you guys do phone consultation? Is there any place I could list some stuff that has gone on with me that maybe someone could at least from symptoms give me an idea what they think maybe happening?


We don’t. Partially due to the demands of our clinic here in Chattanooga and partially due to our opinion that you cannot provide reasonable care with the level of diagnosis that you can do over the phone (i.e. without physically seeing the patient). Additionally, we use herbs, but we very rarely use them alone instead relying on acupuncture and other aspects of Chinese Medicine - which for the nature of the complicated conditions we tend to see, I feel is the superior approach.

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