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Reactions to unblocking Liver meridian

I have been doing acupressure on myself to unblock my liver meridian. I am a beginner and just learning about TCM. Typically, I will be a bit sore at my pressure points after a session with no other side effects. This morning, however, about half way through, I began to feel nauseous and started to perspire (kind of clammy like). I continued with my session and the feeling began to fade, but I was left with a dull headache in the base of my skull.
Did I do something wrong? or something right, like unblock my meridian? Can the flow of Qi cause this?

What general symptoms do you have (before this) that led you to think your liver meridian was “blocked”. Also, what exactly did you do acupressure wise?

To put your mind at ease, it is extremely unlikely that you did anything to yourself. Acupressure is generally fairly weak in comparison to a full acupuncture treatment and there is little of anything that you can do so wrong to cause yourself negative symptoms.

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