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Reactions to Cupping?


Hello, I was just curious to know if it is common at all for someone to have a reaction following a cupping treatment.

This isn't my first time having it (moving cup, not the blood letting type one). I think it maybe this was the fourth time when my acupuncturist has made it a part of treatment. Anyway, about 12 hours after my treatment I woke up very ill in bed and had to vomit. I vomitted seven more times in an eight and half hour period. I was very sick. Keeping in mind, that I am not a person who vomits often. I can count on one hand how many times in my life since I was 11 that I have. I was also experiencing a lot of tearing and ripping pain in my pelvic bone, and pain in my knees and ankles plus overall weakness in my legs. I couldn't sit up for the enitre day. I didn't have a typical "bad stomach" one would have with vomitting.

Before my treatment this time, I had told my therapist that I had just gotten over the flu about 5 days ago and was exhausted from emotional distress. She also treated me as usual for back pain.

Is this common at all? Was my body perhaps getting rid of the rest of that flu? I cannot think of any other reason why I would have became so sick. I called a public nurse and she said that it didn't sound like food poisoning, which was all I could really think of.

Soon after my treatment, I had a Korean purple yam latte which is a mix of steamed mashed purple yam and milk.



I&#39ve haven&#39t heard of someone reacting to cupping with vommiting. Its sounds like you could have just had a relapse of the flu and/or a reaction to the stress.


Yeah, perhaps that is the case. Thanks for responding! I am still feeling very, very drained after all this time. Have had some time off of work and have 2.5 hour "naps" in the late afternoon cause I feel totally spent. Just started taking some Vitamin D to see if that will help.

Will be seeing my acupuncturist sometimes in the next two weeks and hear what she may have to say about it then.


Cupping is a percussion stroke in massage that brakes - up congestion,stagnation,& slugish energy/blood. Applyed by firmly pounding W/fingers formed in a cupp
The reason I bring it up is' also that TaiChi a self-defence style of exercising systum (Standing w/feet at shoulder with or greater, begin w/arms&hands relaxed & dangaling, turning (Lt.&Rt.@trunk,) with cupped hands negin cup slapping w/both hands high-low fast then slow frunt&back of body cupping lifts blood from deep wnN the body/bones soif youtake the time you might bennafit from this selfcupping style of movement & stroke. Plus this is a great transition movement in any exercise rutine that loosens the spine @ ballances both Yin &Yang excesses & defishencies" accourding to qi experts


I'v see cupping frow blood and bruse many times so safice it to say extreemaction probly left
to emergencys use. Say it cupping is extreem and likely to cause extreem reactions?


Cupping is not extreme by any stretch and is commonly used by acupuncturists in regular practice. There are some underlying conditions that are better served by it and some people/conditions where it is not applicable, but it is standard practice. For basic information see "What Is Cupping?".

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