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Re: allergy or not allergy


Greetings YYH Staff,

I have a patient, whos suffering from an allergy from his left face, there is a red spots on his left face, and he feels like his face is crumpled. This 60 year old man have a sympthoms of itchiness from his tongue, and his Blood Pressure is high 160 over 100. In my own opinion, I think this is not an allergy, I think that this is caused by his weak LIVER, Kidney and LUNGS. Because I read the book of Dr. So that left side of our face reflects to our liver, and then the master of our skin is our LUNGS, and this old man always drink alcohol and always smoke.

I treated him some points, Li 4, Li 11, Lu 1, Lv 3, Kd 3, St 36 and has a good effect on him.

Can you give me some furhter analysis about this situation, in order to have some further knowledge about acupuncture and as a learner of this therapy.

Thank you so much, your website is really great! I am expecting more from your website.

Thank you,



Your points seem valid generally. What are some of his other signs - tongue, pulse, other health issues? And could you explain what your face feeling "crumpled" means. Does he feel heat in the area?

It doesn't sound like allergies, but is this something that is recent or has he had it for awhile and how did it start? There is some obvious liver involvement due to the blood pressure. Itchiness can be heat in the blood and/or wind-heat. Without more information, I would probably add in GB 20 to clear the head, GV 20 clear the head/lower pressure, and perhaps use LV 2 more then 3 if there is heat/wind showing from other diagnostic signs.

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