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Rapid pulse & Chinese medicine


I have normal pulse 72 to 90 for 2 to 3 days ,then pulse will go up to appx. 150 for around 12 hours; going to the gym ,working out & using the whirlpool will make pulse go up to 150 & stay there for appx. 12 hours
Also wake up with dry mouth, & when standing get lightheaded
Is there a diagnosis for this & a medicine for it


I’m sure there is, but there are multiple possible causes (some potentially serious) so you should see both a western medical doctor for bloodwork (specifically a standard panel, your thyroid and possibly thyroid antibody tests), and a Chinese Medicine practitioner in your area (ideally after you have the results of your bloodwork). The western diagnostic testing can be fairly useful in many cases for your Chinese Medicine practitioner. With it and the many diagnostic tests within Chinese Medicine your acupuncturist can treat you more completely.


Thank you I will do that & try to find an acupuncturist


I know from clinical experience that the racing pulse can be pretty uncomfortable. To possibly put your mind at ease a little - I’ve successfully resolved any number of patients with symptoms like yours. We tend to see this post-pregnancy often (for women obviously) and in a good number of hyperthyroid cases. A few cases no one ever quite knew why their pulse was racing, but we get those straightened out as well.

Basically the 3 or 4 most common possibilities (thyroid, anemia, pregnancy, stress/anxiety w/palpitations) are all well treated within Chinese Medicine. Any practitioner in your area should be able to help you, particularly if you can get a clear diagnosis from the western medical tests.

For a little about how we approach conditions generally in Chinese Medicine, you may want to read “treating the cause and not the symptoms”.


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