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Quick question regarding tx/contradiction


I was wondering what is the best way in a woman to treat liver yin vacuity and long standing/chronic gallbladder weakness that would not trigger or aggravate wind damp(is not presently having wind damp symptoms, but is prone to have this).

To avoid any excess damp, would you just add something like Jin Qian Cao or Tangerine peel?

Thank you kindly.


What would you be adding this to?


Hi Chad, that is part of my query. I would like to know the best way to treat

LIver Yin Vacuity +

(chronic) Gallbladder weakness, without aggravating or triggering wind-damp?

What would you suggest?


I&#39m assuming you are asking only for herbal medicine advice? What are the patients signs and symptoms, tongue and pulse?


Yes, that is all. As my acupuncturist who I see a few times a month has done my tongue & pulse diagnosis and explained what is happening, but she doesn&#39t prescribe herbs. I usually get the information I need on diet from my own studies based on her explanation of my patterns and I was seeking a suggestion regarding herbs here. My symptoms both acute and chronic do coincide with her explanations.

I know myself and I wish to not aggaravate wind damp with anything I take cause

it is painful (tendon pain, myofascial pain syndrome) and disruptive and I&#39ve been doing such a good job managing this.

: )

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