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Questions about location and function of certain auricular points


Hello dear community, I have two very beginner questions: It looks like there are auricular points for weather, alertness and psychosomatic reactions1, as shown here: Does one needle/massage on the outside of the cartilage, or inside in the cartilage curl?

Also, I keep on seeing some points for working with the feelings of guilt/acceptance and self pity, and these points seem to correspond to psychosomatic reactions1, are they the same?



For your first question, it depends on exactly what points you are speaking of. Most, yes, would be on the inside of the cartilage but psychosomatic reactions1, for example, is on the outside - technically on the superior helix root as it joins the face in line with the insertion of the helix.

As far as working with certain emotional patterns, this is not easily answered and is where proper diagnosis (seeing the root and connections of things in Chinese Medicine terms) becomes critical.


Ah, that makes sense, that they are different points and therefore both on the inside and the outside of the ear cartilage. It helps me understand, why I could not make sense of most images I found on auricular points.

Thanks a lot for your answer.


While I’m sure not every diagram follows these - generally a circle is external surface with a white circle being on a raised surface and a darker circle being on a deeper surface and the square being a “hidden” point - i.e. underneath on the internal surface. But, again, training is largely what is required here because not every diagram is even accurate, let alone has appropriate markings.


Alright, I will look for legends on markings, when applicable.
I knew, TCM wasn’t a weekend seminar, and I’m just starting to see how complex it is, and I love it. I’m not doing any pinching or rubbing on me, it started when I was receiving some acupuncture for stagnation of the Qi and liver fire, and then I ran into the fact that auricular acupuncure also existed. I speculated on, whether earrings were an issue, and then, well I saw different charts on points and areas on the ears that I had a hard time making sense of.

And this is how I came to ask this question. I love how the whole area of knowledge is like a lotus flower, that has barely opened for me, and how the practitioner I was seeing most likely had been sweating blood and tears to open the flower of knowing how to practice this field. Thanks for having this page.



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