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Submitted By: josephine7

would any over the counter chinese remedys help pychosis?


The TCM for pychosis proposal is: sooth emotion, calm down spirit or heavily composed heart and spirit with clear fire heat and detoxic phlegm medicine herbs&#39 treatment. Also different patterns patients should add more different treatments prescription.


live in uk will consult tcm clinic worth a try as medication from gp not working


For something so unique and important you should consult with a practitioner directly. There are any number of Chinese Medicine diagnoses which can encompass what is meant by psychosis in western terms. That said, some of the more common TCM patterns that are involved (with some relevant points and formulas as we have time to add them) are listed below:

Heart Yin Deficiency

Liver Qi Stagnation

Phlegm Misting the Mind/Heart

And herbal formulas from the "Calm The Spirit" grouping within the functional groupings section.


thankyou will do that

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