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Question regarding predental acupuncture


Is there research showing the benefit of acupuncture before or after difficult dental work? My endodontist wants to know before referring to me.


There are volumes of research showing the general effect of acupuncture on both pain and inflammation, so dental work would be no different than any post-surgical procedure.

It’s not clear if you are asking for pain, dental anesthesia, infection avoidance, anxiety, etc. Generally, however, all of those aspects acupuncture will help.

Below are a few randomly chosen studies:

Now, keep in mind that studies are just that - studies. And acupuncture funding for large scale clinical studies with such nuanced usages as dental work is just simply not there. None of that means it is not effective. I would be confident in the larger scale studies dealing with pain and inflammation and be comfortable deducing that this is irrelevant of the “cause” of the pain.

There is also nothing that can go wrong with the use of acupuncture pre or post-dental work - or pre- or post- anything else for that matter. So there is really no reason to not refer out.

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