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Question regarding pancreas weak

bubbles in urine said to contain protein,how to reduce this weakness, and what is the cause, thanks.

As a TCM practitioner and/or with consultation with western medicine your job is to find the cause and then tailor an appropriate treatment. Bubbles in the urine does not necessarily mean there is protein in the urine - it can be other infections, a really fast stream, dehydration, etc. The way to be sure there is protein in the urine is not to look at bubbles but to test the urine with western medical tests. Then if there is a cause that requires treatments (i.e. a fast stream does not generally need any treatment and dehydration usually simply requires more clear fluid intake) you take that aspect into consideration with all of their other signs and symptoms and develop a treatment specifically for them. If you are not a practitioner, then reading “treating the cause vs. the symptoms” would be recommended reading for tcm approaches.

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