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Question regarding cyst removal


I have a cyst on my right thigh. Would like to know what type of treatment I could use for removal.


Generally speaking Chinese Medicine can be helpful for the causal factors that are leading to the cysts and accordingly may be able to help the body dissolve it as well. The first place to start is seeing a practitioner in your area as there are a near multitude of potential causes from a Chinese Medicine perspective and even from a western perspective a number of factors happening that would need to be discussed in detail - for general information see (“treating the cause vs. the symptoms”).

While it may seem unrelated and would require more of an understanding of how Chinese Medicine approaches things - the patterns and some aspects of the points and approaches listed on our dysmenorrhea treatment page would likely be related.

As this can vary from a chronic condition to a one off experience and everything in between and arise from so many possible factors - depending on what your practitioner would see as your underlying diagnosis in Chinese Medicine, your willingness to change lifestyle and/or dietary habits that may be related, and other health factors, in most cases you would see resolution within 2-7 months of treatment.

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