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Question regarding acupuncture for emergency


Dear Colleagues,
I need a reference for acupuncture therapies in emergency settings.


You would probably have to be quite a bit more specific than that to get an answer. Generally acupuncture in an emergency setting is no different than any other setting in the sense that you still need to use proper Chinese Medicine diagnoses to design your treatment.


Thank you for your answer.
But, there are some advisements that acupuncture therapies could help in emergency settings such as a hypertensive attack, pain relief, stomach problems, gastroenteritis, also in vascular emergencies, too. I need a professional guide that can demonstrate to an acupuncture practitioner the best way to the therapies, and it must help in an urgent-emergent timing.


There is a general text with some examples (linked to below), but again, I would strongly caution against trying to use fixed protocols with any condition let alone in an emergency setting where failure to properly utilize Chinese Medicine diagnostics and properly tailor treatment could contribute to the patient worsening, or even dying. Chinese Medicine as a whole begins a process of decline when too many people begin practicing without understanding the theoretical and diagnostic underpinnings deeply and applying them accordingly.

Acupuncture for Emergencies

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