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Question on the Liver Meridian

I’m trying to understand the liver meridian. Is it a physical vein on the leg that starts at the toe? Or somehow related to it?

I’m asking because I was always healthy, running, hiking, etc… But 9 months ago, i had a varicose vein on the right leg (where the liver meridian appears to exist in drawings) and a hospital removed it (from the toe to the groin area). Five days later, I started having panic attacks, stomach cramps, tingling sensation, feeling like throat is closing, sinus issues, and blurry vision/sensitivity to light. Is it possible that by removing the vein on the leg i removed part of the liver meridian?

Thank you,

The short answer is, simply, no that is just not how acupuncture meridians work. More than likely your issues were a side effect of medications during surgery or some other correspondence (i.e. vascular system changes, etc.)

A longer response is slightly explained in a long ago discussion about tattoos/surgery and meridians.

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Even if you had no side effects from the surgery, that is a mighty ghastly “cure” for your varicose vein problem. The body is never improved overall in any true sense of the word by removing one or more of its parts. It’s just not. Why did God put that vein there - just because he had nothing better to do?

Yes, I know that varicose veins can sometimes increase the risk of blood clots forming deep in the leg but that is just a symptom of some deeper problem that is crying for further investigation. I am an old woman and have no varicose veins (yet) but if one should appear I will take a look at the entire problem, not just removal. There are so many angles to this.

I hope that you can deal with all of your symptoms and be healthy again. It’s hard not to see that there seems to be a fixation, at least in our society here, on endless and meaningless physical exercise such as long distance biking, running, etc. just for its own sake. We weren’t built to do these things. We have to look at why we have urges of this nature.

I know people who’ve been running long distances and they are no healthier than anyone else.

Thank you all for clarifying :slight_smile:

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