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Question for practioner and Yin Yan House


Submitted By: kmpassion

I would like to know what would cause a very hot sensation in the center of my back that comes and goes and would any holistic treatment help.


Any number of sensations are quite common within acupuncture, energy healing, qi gong exercise, etc. Most notably these are varying forms of heaviness, warmth, or shaking. There are two general ideas with why they arise - one is healing that is happening within an area, possibly an old or new injury or something internal that may or may not have noticable external symptoms. The other idea is that there are energy centers within the body, most notably what is called the dantien in Chinese martial arts and medicine. These areas can become warm and/or heavy feeling during certain training exercises and/or certain techniques.

All in all, however, sensations are just that. For the most part it is best to just let them be and more often than not they resolve over a period of time.


Holding tension in the shoulder area is as common place, as holding it in the low- back & or the head.

The Governing vessel is more than an average meridian,

it’s energies are dispersed “as needed” throughout all the other channels. As such it is known as one of the “(extraordinary Vessels)” The (GV) also has many other interesting aspects and fetors, one of which is a (Diamond shaped) set-of points located on & between the shoulder blades. This area is “central to it’s overall function. It’s conception begins at the most distal inferior point of the trunk between the genitals and travels upward on the back side of the body’ and over the top of the head ending under the nose or tip of the upper pallet.

The neck being the Gate between the head and the body,

should be kept subtle and pliable so that this center will be balanced and its energies flowing smoothly. As you are breathing deeply and slowly in and out-Self massage from the center of the body-out and from the top down, rolling the neck and shoulders 1st. backwards then forwards slowly in all directions.

If you can get someone to apply 3-5 minutes of cupped hand- slapping strokes, this will lift out excessive energies and tension and I find that letting a fine quality clay dry on any area works well at achieving a lasting cool down. Circular rubbing, or Ice packs

Just remember to sooth the area after working it and sometimes shake it vigorously hence allowing it and the whole body to relax naturally after treating yourself and others. Excess energies and energy deficiencies are both vary real realities within the body for both the givers & receivers, so don’t incest on dynamic 1st. time results, gust strive to provide and support a balance energy experience for at least 15-30 min. andthe body and nature its source will find there own reconciliation’s. All things especially exercise in moderation good luck!


Thank You for your response.

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