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Question for acne and jaw


Submitted By: perwirajayaperkasa

how to treat acne wih acupuncture,any acupuncture point used to treat te acne?

and i have some problem with my jaw when i chew,like pain in angulus mandibula,so any acupuncture point used to fix my problem?

thank you


Acne is usually a result of heat and damp. I would use heat clearing points like LI 4, LI !!, SP 9, ST 40. A full TCM diagnosis would be useful to determine additonal points. I have found GB 34 and ahshi points around GB 34 to be very effective for jaw pain.


There is no one point to treat anything in general terms within Chinese Medicine. Proper diagnosis is key and acne can arise from a number of causes in Chinese Medicine. Acne will most commonly arise from a combination of liver qi stagnation and damp heat, but there are many other ways. For tmj, I would start by reading our acupuncture protocols for TMJ page.

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