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Question around these Depression Symptoms


To anyone who knows about acupuncture and alternative medicine. Is it common for these symptoms to go together? Would acupuncture be recommended to treat them? Also, I read some on your site and I understand that you feel acupuncture is dealing with the root of the problem. How is that? As a westerner, I'm not sure I understand that.

Here are my symptoms:

General pressure/tension in front of my head (above eyebrows and sometimes behind eyes)
Depression -crying and lying around the house
PMS -very bad symptoms of depression and irritability
Anxiety -can come in waves of nausea and fear (like today), or can just be jitteriness/irritability -makes it difficult to be social/normal

Shallow breathing and shakiness often accompany the anxiety.

Also, I find meditation and yoga help, but don't last more than a day (or at most two days). Primarily, I have tried for the last several years to focus on diet and exercise to solve these problems and as the symptoms keep coming back, I guess the problem must be larger than just diet and exercise.


You should consult a licensed professional in your area for treatment. You have a mix of symptoms, all of which are generally well treated with acupuncture, but will require evaluation as to the best course of treatment.

By treating the root, acupuncture and Chinese Medicine are not a condition based treatment. In other words, while there are rules, theories and some point combinations that are widely used, there are no fixed treatments within acupuncture when properly applied. Acupuncture takes into account a range of symptoms and other information and places them into categories which will lead the practitioner to a diagnosis for -you- not for someone with a -condition-. By doing this you can focus the treatment on the individual which will often lead to better and faster results than some kind of standard treatment.

Most of your symptoms -could- fit into a diagnosis of LV Qi Stagnation. If you read that section of the site, you will get an idea of how many symptoms that wouldn't necessarily fit into a western medical model, fit within the Chinese framework.

Generally, these type of conditions will begin to resolve with 4-10 treatments, or you will at least have enough of a change to notice that the treatments are helping and you are going in the right direction.

Often times, diet and exercise are not enough because the body is not functioning well enough to gain full benefit from those lifestyle changes. After treatments, when your body is better regulated, those changes will allow you to remain healthy.


Thank you! I have contacted some professionals in my area. Really appreciate this website.


Hi Ann,

Hope all is going well for you. I read your comments and thought gee I can relate to that, apart from the headaches... I stumbled accross acupuncture just last week and decided yeah why not. I have fluctuated over the last few years, trying to get 'healthy' mentally and physically and just haven't been able to sustain it.

I was surprised at how much better I felt just after the initial consultation - bizarre as this was just the chatting bit. I think that has a lot to do with someone listening to me and feeling assured that this in depth chat is to help 'diagnose' and come up with a treatment plan. I am looking forward to my first 'treatment' session. I will let you know how it goes. Would love to hear how you are getting on.

Keep smiling!


With some conditions - actually sometimes in many cases - patients do get better just from consultations. Often an illness can feel worse just because our worries of what could be going on with us magnifies the actual symtopms. On the other hand often the consultation only helps for a while (a day or two) then with the first occurance of the symptoms our thoughts go back to the illness and once again, this puts us back to the original condition.

Don't panic when you get ill, feel confident in seeking a practitioner, in many cases just the awarness that someone knowledgeable is helping with the problem do help recude symptoms and aid in the healing process.



try "Gan Mai Da Zao Tang", Gan Cao 9 g, wheat 15-30 g and 5 Dates make a soup everyday drink like tea.

Thank you


Feng Mei

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