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Question about treatment for covid

Hi I have COVID symptoms. I want to if there are some médecine that can help me . I have sore throat, fever headache

For something as potentially serious as covid you should consult with a practitioner locally as proper treatment really needs to be tailored to you as an individual and followed over the progression of the illness. That said the following two articles will give you some ideas of what you might do:

They are using intravenous Vitamin C in China:

I would suggest reading through this research of IV C for Covid for a fairly thorough presentation - " Intravenous vitamin C for reduction of cytokines storm in acute respiratory distress syndrome". In short, more research on this approach is definitely warranted, but as with anything related to covid there is still much we don’t know, combinations of approaches are very likely to be needed and tailored over time with each individual patients presentation.

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