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Question about Tam Healing System HTJJ points


For those of you who use the Tam Healing System:

I read on here that you commonly use Hua Tuo Jia Ji points for autoimmune conditions (T1-T3 especially). To what depth are you inserting needles in these points (2mm, 1-2 cun, etc.)?



From our perspective deep needling is entirely unnecessary. There is no set standard, but generally as shallow as body weight and condition allow. The upper back in particular does not need to be needled deeply for any reason.


In addition to the hammer and doll, you can use a small flashlight, or a laser at 635 mn frequency, with the doll to stimulate any of the points used in Tong Ren. And if you have a client with an autoimmune condition, you can suggest that they stand in the shower and let the water pour down on the top of the thoracic spine.

For your clients with autoimmune conditions I recommend reading Donna Eden&#39s books Energy Medicine and Energy Medicine for Women. Many of her recommended exercises are helpful, in particular the Daily Energy Routine. You can find you tubes of those exercises by googling "Donna Eden videos". Donna healed herself from a number of significant health concerns including multiple sclerosis.

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