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Question about kinesiology


What happens when the person testing you has backwards energy? Will you test wrong? It seems I just did.


You are correct. The person testing you must be sure that their energy is not scrambled or reversed or homolateral before working with you. The more kinesthetic you are the more you might notice that your energy easily picks up the pattern of the tester and vice versa. In this way we are always being influenced and influencing others around us even when we are not aware of it.


okay. thank you for that enlightening reminder. what am i supposed to do when i want to slip energy healing into my boyfriend&#39s routine (he thinks admitting to one&#39s problems is a sign of weakness - HA) but i can&#39t work with him cuz his energy is scrambled??? :(


There are two exercises for unscrambling energy - a standing and a seated version of qigong.

Maybe you can get him to do it with you by demonstrating the results. You have him read something. If he tests weak after reading it means he is scrambled. Then if you do the exercise together and you test him, he will test strong. That might be enough to convince him. But in any case, the more you do it yourself the better it will be. You&#39ll protect your energy and his energy might well copy the pattern that supports health and well-being.


I actually do Donna Eden&#39s 5 minute energy routine once a day and then some. How does it affect the people that I&#39m around?


Well, of course, the affect is strongest if you can get the people around you to do the routine with you, or as well as you. What it will do is keep your energy stronger so it is less affected by their homolateral or scrambled patterns. It will have a subtle effect on others. Make sure you zip up and keep your aura strong. You might be interested in my book: More Than Meets The Eye: Energy. I wrote it before being certified in Donna Eden&#39s Energy Medicine, and it&#39s all about strengthening energetic boundaries and clearing energy and emotions picked up from others.

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