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Question about da bu yin wan


If I take this for hot flashes , will I gain weight


If you could clarify you thinking process on that, I might be able to offer more. But without knowing any specifics about you it is unlikely that any herbal formula, particularly if properly prescribed, would make you gain weight. I’m assuming you mean because of the ability of the formula to aid with hot flashes and by default to modify hormone levels that you might gain weight as you can in some instances with things like bio-identical hormones. No, they would entirely differently than hormones and not being hormones themselves would make side effects of any nature unlikely.

Now all that said, the most important part of my response above is “if properly prescribed”. Chinese Medicine is -not- chosen by your symptoms, but by your underlying cause in Chinese Medicine diagnostic terms (see “treating the cause vs. the symptoms” for more). Our hot flash treatment section has a few of the more common diagnostic patterns and possible herbal treatments.

So if you, for example, are having hot flashes because of kidney yin deficiency, then the formula will likely work well for you and will not cause any issues. If, however, you have kidney yang deficiency as the backdrop pattern for your hot flashes, or spleen blood deficiency, then it would very likely make you worse, or at best have a very limited impact. Because of the importance of proper diagnosis in Chinese Medicine we strongly recommend you consult directly with a practitioner in your area and receive proper treatment.

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