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Question about abbreviation you use

I read somewhere on this site: “Once a persons CF is decided upon” …

Being Dutch the abbreviation CF is unknown to me.
Can you please help me?

Thank you,

In classical five element acupuncture the “CF” stands for causative factor - similar to “root diagnosis” in TCM. It is generally introduced here - Foundations of Classical (Worsley) Five Element Acupuncture | Chinese Medicine Theory - Yin Yang House

From that page : " The diagnostic foundation of classical five element acupuncture is the theory of the causative factor or CF. The CF is thought to be the root cause for most of a patients presenting symptoms. It is thought that through birth or early childhood a constitutional weakness develops in one of the elements. Over time, this weakness has an effect on the other elements through the Sheng (mother-child) cycle. The CF is the element which is the foundation for the imbalances a person may experience and becomes the focal point of the treatment."

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Thank you so much Chad. This makes thing clear and helps me a lot.

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