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Query re allergiesp

I recently found your website and specifically Chad’s articles on allergies and I thought and hope you might be able to give me some guidance whilst I am in lockdown here in the UK
I have a lot of inhaled allergies- the more usual respiratory symptoms are seasonal and affect sinus, lungs etc not too badly but more severe symptoms of muscle spasms all year round in various specific parts of my body mainly mid back( erector spinae and. QL) glutes and shoulders - as opposed to general aches and pains. I am sure these are allergy symptoms as the muscles in spasm vary according to where I am/ even which room I am in in my flat.
I have no idea of the cause and I am in such pain they are making my life a misery
I realise that you cannot diagnose my problems just from the above, however I would greatly appreciate it if you could give me any general advice and tell me whether this issue might be caused by a lung deficiency or a lung excess. I ask this as I am slightly familiar with acupuncture/ acupressure points and also Donna Eden’s energy medicine and she has exercises to either sedate or strengthen the meridians - and so all the above would be something I could do to perhaps help myself while I am in lockdown.
Please let me know if I can give you any further information.
I would be so very grateful for any guidance you can give me

So on average, except for the component of them that may be stress modulated, allergies will likely not resolve with energywork (although helpful) or acupressure (too limited). What it generally takes, in my opinion, is significant dietary change and possibly some appropriately tailored Chinese herbal medicine (which you should see a practitioner in your area for ideally). Acupuncture, of course, would also work but can take time and compared to diet and herbs, except in certain cases, it alone will not do it either most of the time.

While, again, for proper herbal treatment you should consult with a practitioner directly, but simple formulas such as xin yi wan or te xiao bi min gan wan would likely help. Dietary wise it is about limiting (or outright removing) sugars, “white” foods, alcohol, too many carbs, dairy, etc. While less common, you should also explore potential issues such as mold in your home.

In my experience with some dietary change and some use of proper Chinese formula(s) by controlling the symptoms for 1-3 years, people will in many cases simply stop having allergic responses to things that used to bother them (i.e. they no longer need herbs/treatment and are functionally symptom free).

Thanks a lot Chad. That is really helpful and much appreciated. Incidentally I have had mold issues due to a leak but did not realise that could contribute to inhaled allergy specifically muscle spasm! Many thanks again Evelyn

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