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Qi deficiency, and some more problems


Hello my name is Sam. I have a problem that I am stumped by. I am currently seeing a tcm doctor, but I have to wait 2 weeks to see her again. I have found out I have a qi decificency. I feel like it's everywhere in my body. Loose stools, kidney pain, trouble breathing, fatigue, brain fog etc. I stated to do my own research and I am eating lots of warming foods. Oats, lentils, kidney beans, black beans, sweet potatoes, carrots, etc. I also use spices such as cayenne, fennel, garlic, tumeric, peppermint, etc. I have tried parsley and cilantro, but they cause me brain fog, I figure because they are cold forming. I can tolerate a lot of heat(work outside, never get too hot like everyone else) so I figure I am very cold and damp. No raw foods in my diet except for the occasional fruits(pear, figs, dates). My digestion has improved, but now I have trouble getting a deep breath. Anything I try to help my breathing causes kidney pain. Can some on offer me dietary suggestions for this?


Honestly your practitioner would be in the best possible position to answer a question like this as they are more familiar with your case as a whole and not just the symptoms you are writing about here. Generally, however, you are likely on the right track. Diet, however, is usually more about what not to do than what to do. So for you, no dairy, no stimulates and no cold/raw food. Everything else should be fine. You should also eat smaller meals, and chew your food while eating. Take a brief walk after eating and ensure you are resting well. You should also strongly consider learning qi gong and/or tai chi and practicing short sessions of meditation (10-20 minutes daily) - at least the meditation if you don&#39t have access to a tai chi/qi gong instructor in your area.


Chinese Medicine is a complex subject. Self diagnosis is sometimes dangerous since there are nuances and subtle signs that take years to learn. You would do best to discuss your concerns with your practitioner before making any drastic changes. Which brings us to the second issue. It sounds like you are making lots of changes in a short time. Drastic changes in diet often lead to digestive upset. Try taking baby steps and see which ones are truly helpful.

I also agree with Chad&#39s advice to practice some form of qigong and meditation. Qigong will help build qi but more importantly will help it circulate in the proper manner.


Thank you for the replies! As far as making too many drastic changes I am really not. I ate a lot of these foods but I also ate an abundance of raw vegetables and salads. I'm eating more cooked foods now and just following general guidelines. I've noticed slower cooked meals help me out a lot. I should also add that my tcm dr is actually a student at dragon rises. She is knowledgable but it seems more so in the acupuncture/herbs aspect. Not much in the dietary aspect. But it's only $35 a visit and that's all I can afford


Also what are your thoughts on probiotics?

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