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Qi Adequacy in the meridians


We most of the time discuss the impact of Qi deficiency across the meridians. What about Qi Adequacy? What influence does it have on the body?


There are discussion of excess, but overall, even with deficiency the key is that Qi is a concept of relativity. Something is only deficient in relation to something else, not purely within itself. Accordingly there can be fullness, but only in relation to other factors/channels, etc. In short, what this means is that the theory can generally only be discussed in detail with more isolated/specific examples, not very easily in broad generalizations.

An example of an excess might be something like liver fire. But to continue the point above, while you would be likely to drain the liver system to some degree to treat this condition, you would have to take all factors into consideration. So is there a deficiency below this making this system seem over active? Are there other systems that are active, or other systems that might hindered/damaged by too strongly clearing heat from the liver. Everything has to be tailored to the individual, so broad discussions get difficult.

Hi Chad,

Correct me if I misunderstood you on this, So considering the same example of Liver Fire as above, excess of fire in the liver meridian may be due to imbalance of it’s pertaining organ meridian i.e. gallbladder OR basing on KO cycle may be deficiency in Metal causing Wood imbalance (liver excess) OR Wood is counter acting on Metal OR the mother Water element is weak enough to control Wood OR Wood is overacting on Fire element. So basically we need to consider holistic approach to trace exact cause of imbalance.

Appreciate your reply.


That’s correct. You can see fairly quickly how limited your overall diagnostic approaches to just the five element theory can get confusing and limit your ability to look systemically at times. While there certainly are practitioners/systems that use the five element theory exclusively or at least heavily, I personally find using the broader TCM diagnoses more systemically valid. On average, however, I don’t limit myself to any one system of diagnostic theory.

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