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Q re: Bruising


I've been having acupuncture treatments (with moxa and cupping) for nearly 10 years and fairly regularly. ST 40 point has always been a very tender spot for me and very often bleeds. What I am wondering about is that after my last two treatments, I have bruising at nearly every point that has been treated and it lasts for over 12 days. I find this quite unusual. Should I be concerned that out of these treatments I have received, these past two have just caused me to bruise? It used to be that just this one point would bleed and leave a mark that would fade in 7/8 hours. I have small bruises everywhere.


There is an enormous amount of information missing from your post that would be required to offer any kind of credible advice. First, have you been seeing the same acupuncturist, or is the one from which you&#39ve received the bruising new? Second, why are you receiving acupuncture to begin with - what are your main health issues? Third, any medications like blood thinners, blood pressure meds, etc.? Any thing else that is different now that you feel might be related?


Chad ....thanks for your reply.

I have been seeing the same the practitioner for over 2 years now. She is not new.

I am seeing her mainly for chronic pain issues primarily to do with a couple of spinal issues of which a few have been resolved (loss of strength/numbness in left arm), menstrual issues, digestive issues which relate to the menstrual issue and psychological concerns.

No, I do not take anything that would cause bleeding or easy bruising like blood thinners, aspirin etc. I actually do not take any prescription meds at this time.

<h5>also, I cannot really think of anything that would be different. I am feeling weaker as of late which is why I booked a couple of appointments. Although I have felt like that before when I&#39ve received a tx.</h5>


Hey ......just wondering of anybody may have some insight/thoughts? It&#39s been some time and I still have bruising and tenderness at a few spots. Not too sure if the spots are relevant, but the ones with the largest bruising are ST 25, LI 4, & KD 10 from what I can tell with my untrained eye.

I feel it&#39s unusual but perhaps it isn&#39t.


If you are getting any other random easy bruising just from walking into things or daily activities then you should get some blood work done by a western doctor to look at iron levels, etc. If it&#39s just these few points it&#39s the practitioners needling method and it has nothing to do with you. You could ask them to use japanese needles and/or use an insertion tube if they are not already.


Yeah, I seldom bruise easily. Just had blood panel done less than 3 months ago and everything looked fine. She said she uses both Japanese and Korean needles. They do not hurt upon application although some points as I mentioned are chronically tender.

Thank you.

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