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Px with chronic fatigue often feels worse after tx


I have a patient that I have treated for several years. She has had Lyme disease( undiagnosed for a very long time) for 15 years. the Chronic fatigue she now suffers from is sequelae of that. Anyway, about as often as not, she will feel worse after treatment. I try to keep the needles to a minimum, and work on tonifying yang as a pattern for her.

Any thoughts?



To be able to help we would need more information about your treatments and the supporting diagnosis. What is the diagnosis you have given the patient and what signs are supporting it? What are the tongue and pulse? What points exactly are you using?


What Chad says above is true. Lyme disease seems to create a constant state of deficiency, so one has to be very careful. I myself would really consider using tui-na and acupressure as opposed to needling at all, anf if possible herbs.

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