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Purulent tooth root

Under my back tooth I have pus under the root. It is more then a year and I don’t want to pull the tooth out yet. I’m treating him just with aromatherapy. I think the problem will probably have roots passed on to parents or maybe grandparents.
No one has any experience with anything like that. During my life I have been dealing with the problems of the water element and the fire element in my childhood.
Consequently, I have achieved balance and health by using natural way of life, using reflexology, aromatherapy, nature and sport. But after the start of my trade, there was a slight imbalance due to physical and mental stress and a weakening of the nervous system. Then there was a problem with pus under the tooth root. After stabilizing the nervous system, I’d like to re-treat the tooth or at least remove the pus under the tooth root.
Please advice if you have a good experience, in case of pus under the tooth root.
I will be very grateful to you.

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