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Pulse not felt evenly on both wrists


What does it mean from an acupuncture perspective when a persons left and right wrist broadcast the pulse very unevenly? For example, a patient who had a strong and noticeable pulse on the right wrist but a weak and barely noticeable pulse on the left wrist? What could be the cause of this unevenness? And are there any solutions?

Thank you for your consideration.


Start by reading our TCM pulse diagnosis introduction. Each of the 3 positions on each wrist all have different organ system relationships in TCM terms.


This sounds like a husband/wife imbalance.

If your patient has low back pain, tiredness, agitation, then this is the most likely problem. An H/W imbalance arises when kidney and liver collapse, usually due to some kind of chronic situation (pain, illness, emotional/relationship conflict, stress etc) and it means the sufferer finds themself stuck, unable to make decisions or move on from anything. Often, they speak of feeling in a no-win situation.

There&#39s no harm in trying the protocol for clearing this significant block

Bl67, Ki7 and 3, Liv4, SI4 all evens for about 15 - 20 minutes. Finish with Ki24 and H7, tonification.

Do not do any other treatments at this time but ask your patient back for a follow up no more than five days after. Repeat as necessary and watch for it coming back further along - in my experience it can take a few goes to clear it completely.


Classical five element acupuncture describes this pulse picture as a husband wife imbalance and it requires immediate correction.


Is it really serious? I have been experiencing similar one-sided symptoms along with the pulse for about a year now, but I think the symptoms are getting worse.

Right side of the body being stronger and having robust function (breathing, digestion, elimination) , left side being weaker and having more dysfunction/numbness with breathing/digestion/elimination.


I would reccomend you seek assessment locally as it is impossible to diagnosis accurately from a distance.


Actually I am the patient and from the symptoms you have described, I feel somewhat similar [Agitation, tiredness, stress and low back dysfunction (no pain though)] and have been in some stressful situations for a long time- involving my career and relationships- family/others etc.

I do feel burned out and stagnated now and can&#39t seem to move forward. I have also been experiencing similar one-sided symptoms along with the pulse for a while now:

Right side of the body feeling stronger and having better function (breathing, digestion, elimination, muscle spasm) and the left side being weaker and having more dysfunction/numbness with breathing/digesting/elimination. Sort of an uneveneness throughout the body and spine. It probably affects my mood and mind, but I am not sure.

I have also been to a chiropractor about the back issues (incomplete urination and elimination on the left side) but it has not helped very much, so I went to a community acupuncture clinic and the person finally mentioned that the pulse is one-sided... any suggestions on what to do next?

Sadly I can&#39t perform acupuncture on myself and a little limited on funds but any input is appreciated. Thank you!


OK. Even without seeing you I think this is an H/W. In acupuncture terms, it is an important block, and nothing else you do will work until you move it - no pills, no adjustments, not even acupuncture! LOL

Find an acupuncturist as soon as you can. Even if they are not from the school that recognises H/W (it is a 5 element treatment so not everyone is trained in it) give them the point prescription above and ask them to do it. It is a wonderful treatment, so hopefully they will learn it and add it to their repertoire.

Good luck!



Thanks yeoman, I really appreciate your input and I have an acupuncturist that can help with this. I&#39ll share this treatment with them just in case, but I thanks to your input I have the chance to learn!




Can you give some further explanation about the theoretical framework of the H / W block? Also, what is the point combination supposed to achieve?

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