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PTYALISM (hypersialia) treatment in Cerebral Palsy


Is anyone know about how to stop saliva secretion which cerebral palsy children have to much. This is really big problem for child, family and therapist. If someone know how to stop with acupuncture i ll use for my students. Thanks from now.


Sialorrhea, or excessive drooling, is common in cerebral palsy patients. Studies have shown that this is not the result of hypersalivation (as a symptom of cerebral palsy) but due to the oral motor control issues. We have a protocol of cerebral palsy as a whole (shared below) and I have some additional areas to work on to help regain oral motor control.

Cerebral Palsy Treatment:

Huatuo of T1 (bone marrow), T2 (thymus gland), C1 (motor cortex, top of head, communication from brain to body), C2 (forehead, frontal lobe, nervous system), TH 16, LI 17 (both window of the sky points, foster circulation and proper function of brain), GV 20 (motor cortex), GV 19 (sensory cortex), UB 9 (medulla), Tiandong (window of the sky). Add huatuo of C4 (mouth, cheek, chin) to help regulate oral motor control.

A treatment would generally start and end with strong tuina on the sky window points and huatuo areas of C1, C2, C4, T1, T2. Needling would be huatuo of T1, T2, GB 20, GV 20, GV 19, UB 9, and other points as appropriate based on an overall TCM diagnosis.

Cerebral Palsy child cure any points advice me
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