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Hello, I've been treating a 36 yr old female patient hx menstrual issues due to blood stagnation, otherwise quite healthy as that issue is resolving. Now that her cycle has become regular, she is now expressing a concern over a droopy eyelid that she thinks has gotten worse in the past 5 years. Her Dr. thinks it's part of her normal aging process and not something to be alarmed over like myasthenia gravis.

TCM presentation= LV qi stagn, KD yin def. w/ slight empty heat

I started to treat the drooping eyelid locally-tiger warmer, BL2, Yuyao, TW23, GB 14- predicatable things. I was wondering if there was anything else you may have had success with? Also, has anyone tried those electrodes that hook up to electro machines?

Thanks- Jamie


I would incorporate tuina at the huatuo of C3/C4 area and keep working on the overall LV Qi Stagnation.


Something I have had success with is threading Yu Yao upward toward GB14. This is more of a facial acupuncture technique. You should feel the needle grab or the muscle twitch slightly. In some cases I have noticed change that day.


Is Ptosis not a result of spleen qi sinking?

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