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Psychoemotional Effects of Points


Anyone have any good suggestions for references about the psychoemotional effects of acupuncture points? Much appreciate any info. Thanks.


Get the DVD or video available from Jung Tao school about mental energetics. You can't get it in a book unless you speak French.


If you are familiar with acupuncture you could read the books by Lonny S. Jarrett. His first book "Nourishing Destiny" has a section on quite a few much-used points. His second book "The Clinical Practice of Chinese Medicine" discusses nearly every point on every meridian.
Lonny Jarrett practises Five Element Acupuncture (with strong emphasis om psychological / spiritual issues).
If you read German you could try "Den Geist verwurzeln" by Josef Müller, also a Five Element acupuncturist.
Good luck.



I believe I am currently experiencing a type of ghost syndrome possibly related to heat and phlegm misting my mind. I recently had been living a lifestyle that was hazardous to my physical and mental health that onset this condition just 3 weeks ago. I can easily say I am not feeling like my usual self. Note that I am not a hypochodriac but very sensitive to my bodily and psychological state- a thing I attribute to much time spent doing taoist energy acquiring and movement meditations similar to qi-gong and taichi.
I plan on seeing an acupuncturist soon and will keep you posted on my condition.
My current symtoms are:
-extreme anger at little inconvenieces
-feeling my sympathetic system even when Im at rest
-If I bump into an object accidently.I sometimes will immediately strike-back with intent to destroy
-Although I can sometimes control this rage around people I feel my heart area become hot and red with rage as if I was violated and I feel my eyes become "lit-up"
-Paranoid of other people, feeling as if no one cares about me or people are trying to use me to their advantage
-visions of mauling or getting even with people who I felt betrayed or hurt by in the past. These visions are accompanied by a strong emotional response with a usually very stimulating or disturbing physical sensation.
-I am becoming more forgetful and have less mental clarity
-slight depression, slight anxiety, unexplainable fear and when felt It puts me into a rage that I can't figurre out what Im fearing. Funny, I have nothing serious to fear and so attribute it to my current physiological state, since most of these symptoms come and go throughtout the day. (It helps to stay active and not let yourself dwell on the affliction)
-chestightness, cold extremities, hungry but easily satiated, takes a while to urinate, thick small white phlegm that is sometimes easy and sometimes not to expectorate.
-bad breath maybe from smoking although I never did too much of it and smoking much less now- somedays I wont take a puff even. In the process of quiting

The way I am self-treating myself is: focusing awareness (qi) on venting out through HT-9 and PC-9, and focusing on grounding energy on foot, ankle, knee points, plus coccyx and lower-tan-tien (sea of Qi)
I am not an acupunturist but have always been highly interested in TCM. I became interested after I began taoist meditations and realized the hard-to-believe effects on my personality and overall health. I think the acupuncture network was realized by the same taoist practitioners whom invented these type of meditations. Anyhow, I dont deny the fact that I may have injured myself by trying to advance too quickly with the meditations; the intention is health and life-improvement and I sometimes get a little ambitious ;-).
Any help or advice is greatly appreciated and like I said I'll keep you all posted on my progress.


Hello Max,

As you are finding out, there is the possibility of disruptions from meditation and other other internal arts practices. Some of these are changes that we must go through and pass quickly and others are from forcing training (breathing, visualizations, etc.) and/or incorrect technique.

In qi gong circles this disruption is often called the "running fire" and it can have a host of symptoms. Most often it is caused by improper breathing techniques, particularly forcing the breath and denying the natural movements.

You should, as you are already planning, see an acupuncturist, ideally one who is also a martial artist or at least has training in qi gong. This should help you along with a short term cessation of training and, when you continue, a longer term view of your practice.

On your own the best thing to do is to stop your training for a short period of time until you are feeling better. Try to do more physically oriented activities such as jogging, biking, etc. along with more light hearted activities such as playing/listening to music, basically whatever makes you happy and will let your body balance back into a more neutral state. By guiding or forcing your qi to descend you can easily make things worse for yourself. If you are going to continue to practice, simple standing meditation is most likely the best as it will allow the energy to settle down into the legs (which is why stronger physical activity is often helpful).

When you are feeling better and continue your practice, ensure that you take your time, breath naturally regardless of technique and let your body and energy develop slowly over time. You absolutely can not rush your training, it is impossible.


Hello Chad, thanks for your advice. Yes, I have become aware that forcing visualizations and forcing the breath without lightly settling myself into a calm meditative state agitates me and places excess in my chest area. This in turn makes me irritable, impatient, and although energized- it feels excessive and tiring afterwards. I will now pace myself.
The good news is that with just two treatments I am not getting anymore emoitoinal outbursts for the past several days (good news for those I live with too!). I am also avoiding situations which I know can stress me out and cause a tantrum. Also sleeping better and am taking Wen-Dan- Tang and Xiao Yao San.


Forgot to mention the points used in my treatment.
Liver points: LV3
Pericardium: points near wrist and hand
Several points on my head and sides of neck and several other along the CV.


Dear Sirs,

The case under discussion appears to be that of Phlegm that can not be seen. Check the following treatment for effective results..

1 Phlegm in heart misting the mind can cause several mind related conditions. It is excess type of disease.

For treating this condition, tone CV (Ren)-12 and UB-20. This will tone spleen and stop formation of phlegm.

Sedate P-5, H-9, UB-15, St-40, GV-26

P-5 sedation will remove phlegm from heart and opens up blockage in heart and brain.

H-9 sedation removes blockage in heart

UB-15 sedation will clean heart passages and orifices

St-40 sedation expels phlegm and stops formation of phlegm.

2 The case described may respond better to the following treatment for phlegm fire obstructing heart. .

Phlegm fire obstructing heart is spleen qi deficiency problem, can cause violent behaviour, insanity and manic depressions, rash and violent behaviour, insanity, manic depression, hitting and scolding people, uncontrolled laughter, uncontrolled agitation of mind, muttering to self, aphasia or even coma in severe cases, mental restlessness, palpitations, bitter taste, easily getting startled, incoherent speech, mental confusion, red tongue with yellow sticky coat, mid-line crack on tongue with yellow prockles in the crack, tip of the tongue being redder, rapid full pulse.

For this, one needs to remove heat from heart, stop formation of phlegm and calm the mind. The treatment could be,

CV (Ren)-12, UB-20 tone both as in (1) above.

H-7, H-8, H-9, P-5, P-7, CV-15, St-40, Sp-6, GV-20, GV-24, UB-15, Liv-2, Liv-3, GB-13, GB-15 sedate all.

This point combination can relieve the patient of many of behavioural and emotional problems. In the case described, the second treatment of phlegm fire obstructing heart may give better results.

Some points are discussed in (1) above

Sedation of P-7, CV-15, GV-23, GB-13 will cool the mind

H-7 sedation reduces heat

H-8, H-9, UB-15 sedation will remove excess heat from heart

Sp-6 sedation will stop formation of phlegm, help expel phlegm and cool the mind

Liv-2 sedation will reduce heat in entire body

Liv-3 sedation will remove heat from the upper warmer and coole the mind.

GB-15 sedation will help the pationt to come out of mania as well as depression

Chad, what would you suggest?

DD Chhaya

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