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Psych issues and TCM


What is “chi overflow” and “triple energizer excess heat” ? I’ve never heard of that. But psych problems have to do with an excess yang heat and agitation of the shen in the heart. So I have read. Does this sound right?


See a previous response of mine to someone asking about “running fire


That microcosmic orbit circulates energy from the…well, I can’t remember the name but I believe it’s called “governing” or “conception vessel”. I can’t remember the Chinese. The channel in the front flows upward. The microcosmic orbit mentally changes direction. It’s easy to reverse and that was probably the least of that persons worries. That’s higher spiritual work and books don’t get it. You correctly said “get a teacher”. Ok. I guess back in the day TCM practitioners were asked about people removing clothes and running naked (bi polar sounding). The heart it was said is harassed.


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