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Psych disorders


is there any hope for my son who has symptoms of bipolar and has not responded to any medications or traditional therapy. he is 17. can anyone suggest how i could help him...which approach may work for him?

thank you


Acupuncture is very useful for the whole host of psychiatric/emotional based disorders. While technical, you could read through my section on the treatment of depression just to give you an idea of how these conditions are viewed and treated with acupuncture and other therapies.

In some ways it's a good thing that your son hasn't responded to medicines, it makes it easier to judge the efficacy of the treatments. Most often when I treat these conditions I work to first stabilize the person then as they are feeling better they often work with their doctor to get off all or the majority of their medications. After they are off their medications we work to deal with any detox/side effect issues of coming off the medications, and then people usually do well.

I just got a call from a patient of mine the other day who had a fairly serious case of bipolar depression. This patient had called to remind me that it was a year ago that they came in for the first time and they have been off all of their medications and doing well for the last 9 months. I see the patient maybe once every 3-4 months just for maintenance, but they have shown no issues since the initial treatment stage and are completely off all medications.

These conditions are not always easy to treat, but they are very treatable. I strongly recommend that you consult a licensed acupuncturist in your area and try a round of 6-10 treatments. This is most often enough to get an initial response and based on the strength of the response you can decide with your practitioner what the best next steps are.



thanks so much for the advice, i am encouraged by the possibiltity of some help for my son. he has struggled for ten years and hasn't responded to anything. it is so difficult to watch. i will certainly look for the best accupuncturist i can find....we are in the MA., do you know of one?

thank you again


You are very welcome. If you are in Massachusetts check google to see if anyone is near you. You may also want to attend one of the area Tong Ren Therapy classes with your son if possible. If you are near Boston, Haverhill, or Quincy you could also try to see Master Tam (my main teacher) at the Lea Tam Acupuncture Center in Boston - they are listed in the phone book.



wow, we are very near quincy and i have been feeling "pulled" to attend one of the classes there for some time now. Not for any reason, just because i saw one of the "dolls" in a patient's home, (i am a nurse) and after she explained tong ren to me, i became very intrigued. it is very coincidental you mentioned Master Tam and actually had the priveledge to learn from him because it has been right there in my head of "things to do". i did find another place though before i got your response.... the CHI Wellness Clinic in boston with a Dr. Miles Chen. have you heard of him?. I am now wondering if Master Tam sees clients himself......would i ever be able to go straight to the top and get an appt with him? or are you suggesting i go to one of the open meetings they have weekly?

i am so optimistic right now, thank you for this information.


Yes, you should take your son and go to the weekly energy healing classes, particularly if you are so close. And, yes, Tom will see patients in the Boston office - look for the Lea Tam Acupuncture Center in the phone book and call for an appointment.

There are also other acupuncturists, like myself (although I'm in Chattanooga), who have studied with Tom for years that work in the Quincy office so you could go there as well if it is more convenient.

Between the classes and some acupuncture I'm sure your son will do well.



i will.

and i will let you know someday down the road how it all worked out. :)



i brought my son to see tom tam this evening for t healing class! It was great. ryan didn't want any part of it but he went and i am pretty sure he will go back for more. tom asked me how i had heard of him and i told him that we had chatted and he smiled. a woman there also seemed to know you. any ways.....tom immediately directed to tappers towards the hypothalmus...he seemed quite sure that was the root of my son's anger and mood instability. then after the class, tom came over to ryan and felt a spot deep in the side of his neck that they all explained was where the blockage is. a couple of women came over and were deep massaging the area to the point of it being painful for him but it was all good. tom came back a third time and pushed on the top of his head also. so we got a good dose tonight! tom insisted "this is not psychological" many times throughout the session and also said "we can fix this" so we are encouraged. i am wondering if you know how long it may take for us to see some benefits.....he is quite calm tonight i must say!!! would weekly trips there be enough or do you think more?

i had a question also, do you think tom's healing class can do anything for me...i have repressed memories from childhood which have been blocked for many many years. i want to be able to get to them so that i can move foward and "be free of the unknown" as it is now. i have had my issues with drugs alchohol, eating disorders, depression and anxiety. all that is left of those vices now is anxiety. would this be a subject he can help with....seems like all of the people had such physical issues.....and this is locked up mentally.

sorry for the long post....thanks very much.


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