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Psoriasis clearing with qing dai pian


what are your best recommendations to treat psoriasis?

My son (11) has psoriasis. I have been treating with oils, steroids and nothing changes.

at some point I took him to a Acupuncturist, who gave him quing dai pian - at that moment I was giving him other medications. he was clearing and we finish the bottle of pills and never continue.
at that moment I thought it was the other medications that cleared him.

He has been diagnosed with Strep bacteria in his blood - with no other symptom - and now I wonder if the Quing dai pian was killing that bacteria, hene he was clearing? - what do you think?


Could you put a more direct timeline on this - that would help us.

So when you say “he was clearing and we finish the bottle of pills” - this means his psoriasis was completely gone at this point? Mildly improved? What exactly?

Then, more importantly, how long was it improved for - weeks?, months?, years?

In short, however, there are no “best” recommendations for anything in Chinese Medicine (see “treating the cause vs. the symptoms” for why that is). The “best” treatment for psoriasis is the one that your practitioner tailors directly to your son and constantly changes it over the course of treatment. Generally speaking your practitioner would also offer appropriate dietary and lifestyle changes (no dairy, no fried foods, more vegetables, etc. - basically an anti-inflammatory diet).

If the strep is an issue, that might be treated first herbally and cleared before trying to address the root issues. Generally you should expect to see a practitioner somewhat frequently over the course of 3-6 months, along with dietary change, to get this resolved. In some cases acupuncture is incredibly important and herbs not so much and in others you can accomplish most of it herbally and the acupuncture is less important - only your practitioner would have an idea of where your son is on that continuum.


Hi Sorry, here is the information missing.

he was diagnosed at 1 year old.
His 1st mayor flare up was January 2018 (10 yo). We started anti-inflammatory diet (85%) in June 2018 and Acupuncture treatment In August 6 2018.
My insurance does not cover acupuncture, but we did 5 treatments, once a week.
during august he started taking Quing Dai Pian. 20 pills twice a day-for 4 weeks. we finish the treatment and the pills by the end of August.

At that moment his patches were almost clear - not completely - maybe 70% clear.
I truly thought it was the Kalawugala (Difur extract) what was doing the job.
He was clear for about 2 weeks and then back to normal. not worst, nor less. We continue only with the Kalawala.

in 2016, a blood test came back positive for the strep bacteria, we did not treat, because he did not presented any symptoms - I read about the relation of the strep bacteria and psoriasis - In January 2019, we made a blood test again (antistreptolysin O Ab), that came back as high (range 0-200 - my son 730.4)
he is taking antibiotics for 2 weeks now.

But that made me think that, in August when he was clearing, it was because of the QDP pills killing this bacteria, hence clearing the skin…


I think the only way to answer that is to simply do another round or two of the qing dai formula.

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