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Psoriasis and acupuncture


I would like some advise on treating a patient for lumbar pain who has a large patch or psoriasis all over the lower back. I have treated with distal points and special points and got a decent result. My question is about needling through the psoriasis to treat locally. Is it advisable or is it contraindicated? Thanks for any feedback.


To help, it would very good to start by submitting your actual TCM diagnosis and what factors you used to come up with it as well as a list of what points you are using (frequency, other techniques, herbs, etc.). As psoriasis is an immune modulated condition, I&#39m not sure of any value to needling locally. It wouldn&#39t make it spread because it&#39s not an infection, but it&#39s also not a local issue - it&#39s a systemic one and should be treated as such.


Thank you for your advise. I am treating my patient for back pain, not the psoriasis. I would like to know if it is contraindicated to needle thru a psoriasis patch to treat locally for lumbar disc causing low back pain and pain down the thigh.

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