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Protocols for Delirium for 80 year old male


To the Yinyanghouse community,

I have an 80 year old male that 10 years ago had kidney transplant.Two years ago they stopped working and he is doing dialysis every second day since then. A month ago he became very sick with pneumonia and went to the hospital,since then he is extremely weak,can not stand up by him self anymore,and has delirium,which makes him confused all the time,does not sleep at nights making his case even worst.
Now,I want to do the protocols for Delirium,but it seams to me that all the three protocols could be used on him,and I do not know how to choose the correct one. Will you be able to help me out with this question?

Shai Perez


To start, don’t think of the symptoms and choosing protocols for that. Treat exactly what you see in Chinese Medicine terms. So, what do you think his base diagnosis is in Chinese Medicine terms and what are signs/symptoms are you basing that on. What do his tongue and pulse say?

Long story short, you can’t treat “delirium” without treating everything together - the whole system. It’s just how Chinese Medicine works. And what exactly do you mean by “delirium” - I would break that down a little more into exact symptoms so we may be able to help clarify the diagnosis. Is it hallucinations, forgetfulness, etc.? how much was before the pneumonia and for how long, and how much was it changed after?


Hi and thank you for answering so quickly.
My client has a very low pulses and,his tongue is red and wet with a witheish surface and with small craps.
His body temperature is no higher then 33.5.
Since he was admitted at the hospital a month ago his general condition has deteriorated,and he has become confuse about time,recognizing people and paranoiac,insomnia,and anger.

I used acupuncture the first time,three days ago,I treated the K,Li,Sp,St.(I also used reflexology for calming him and strength his immune system)with an excellent result after the first time.The caregiver reported that he slept all night and he seamed concentrated in what was going on around him.

I appreciate comments,
Happy New Year,


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