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Protocol for Purpura


Could you please intimate protocol for Purpura ?


Are you asking for acupuncture or Chinese herbal medicine or both?

In Chinese Medicine purpura is a general sign of blood stasis, but that symptom alone is not enough to come to a proper diagnosis which is what treatment will be based on - see “What does acupuncture treat?” and “point selection guidelines” for more on those basics.

There are excess conditions that can lead to stasis, those of deficiency origins and empty heat conditions as well. Proper treatment requires proper analysis of the contributing factors in your patient.

Purpura is just a symptom with any number of western medical causes. It is helpful to know more about these even though you still don’t base your Chinese Medicine treatment plans off of the western causes. You look at all of the patients signs and symptoms from a Chinese Medicine perspective and arrive at a proper diagnosis.

One of the more important points in most cases will be UB 17 - the hui meeting point of the blood. In most cases there will be some liver system involvement as well (see “My liver is what?”).


Please intimate protocol of acupuncture points as well as chinese herbal
medicine. The problem is having purple colour patches below the knee on
both legs.


Please read my reply and the pages that it links to. You have to figure out what the underlying diagnosis is - the symptoms (in this case purpura) in general terms are irrelevant in Chinese Medicine. We are concerned with -how- things come to be, not -that- they are a symptom.


I suspect this problem purpura has a relation to the allopathic medicine I am taking for high cholesterol. When I keep taking 5Gms of Atore vasthatin tablets the cholesterol problem is under control. The result of Lipid profile test carried out on 26 Feb 16 after allopathic treatment with Atore vasthatin tablet are as follows.

Total cholesterol 205 mg/Dl
Triglyceride 181 Mg/dl
HDL cholesterol 56Mg/dl
LDL cholesterol 111Mg/dl

On earlier occasions when I consumed Atorvasthatin tablet 20 and 10 Mg my lever got affected then the liver function test was carried out. Then the SGOT and SGPT was beyond the permissible limits. The doctor used to stop the cholesterol medicine for some months and restarted the cholesterol medicine after three months. When ever cholesterol medicine was stopped the total cholesterol used to increase above 250 Mg/ dl. The result of Liver function test carried out on 26 Feb 2016 is as follows:-

SGOT 30 Mg/dl
SGPT 56 Mg/dl.

Result of other blood test carried out on same date is as mentioned below

Serum uria 23Mg/dl
Serum creatinine 0.94Mg/dl
Serum Uric acid 6.0 Mg/dl

Blood glucose
Fasting 118 Mg/dl
Postprandial 173Mg/dl

Haemoglobin 13.9 Mg/dl
ESR 10mm fall/1st hour
TLC 5100 Cmm

Neutrophil 54%
Lymphocytes 40%
Monocytes 02%
Eosinophil 04%

I have the problem of a prolapsed anus and gastric disorder. Whenever I take oily food or spicy food I suffer from acidity and burbling of gas emission from mouth and anus with sound. I have a numb area on my left thigh close to knee outer side.

I hope the information I have given may be adequate to dignose my problem and suggest the pattern affected and the protocol to be used for overcoming my above problems.

                                          Thanking you Mr Chad_Dupuis.


You should really see someone locally if at all possible that does both acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. Given your initial response to lipitor (atorvastatin), I would be inclined to stop that and use Chinese herbal medicine and/or acupuncture to keep your cholesterol under control. Generally the proper Chinese herbal formula(s) should both keep your cholesterol under control without side effects and further help your gastric issues as well as help the liver to heal.

In the absence of a practitioner in your area the safest way to try keeping the cholesterol under control besides dietary changes is Ku Ding tea. It tastes pretty bitter, but most patients don’t mind the taste and it will work well in most cases based on my clinical experience with it. But to fully address all of your issues that would only be part of the equation. The rest a practitioner would have to work out for you. At least that would minimize the possibility that your issues are from lipitor.

I also wrote an article a while back about our approaches to treating high cholesterol which includes acupuncture points and some dietary suggestions as well.


Thank you Chad_Dupuis


Please intimate protocol of acupuncture points as well as chinese herbal
medicine. The problem is having purple colour patches below the knee on
both legs.


The “problem” is not “having purple colour patches below the knees” - that is one of the results of the internal imbalance (see “treating the cause and not the symptoms”). For proper treatment you need proper diagnosis and for that you need to work with someone locally in your area if at all possible.

Now in Chinese Medicine diagnostic terms the purple blotches are most often from blood stagnation. Related herbal formulas and acupuncture points are found on that diagnostic page. Some variation or combination with xue fu zhu yu wan is often the initial starting point.

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