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Protecting your own energy


I have recently started practising full time, and notice that my energies are quite drained (I do alot of emotional work and fertility). Can anyone recommend good ways of protecting your own energy and building boundaries without blocking empathy?

Also, did anyone else notice, when they first started practising, that their own immune system suffered?! I've gone from a very strong immune system, to one that picks up every ailment that walks through my clinic door! Am hoping the above is the cause (and solution...)


In my mind the regular practice of Tai Chi and/or Qi Gong, coupled with a reasonable diet and other physical and enjoyable activities is crucial for your own health and to be a good practitioner. If you are fairly new to qi gong, the Da Peng Gong routine that we teach is very good and fairly easy to learn as well. You do need to keep your energy at an elevated level and when you start this can be difficult. It is important to keep to a clear schedule, to not overbook yourself initially, and to start in on the practice in a measured way.

On the psychological side, I really don't believe in the idea of energy being drained from yourself by your patients. That is a really common concept and I, while it may sound somewhat abrupt, think that the sooner people stop thinking in those terms the better. What you do as a practitioner is very positive and you should feel good for doing it. The more you keep your mind in this light and not worry about what you might "get" from your patients the better off you will be in the long run. If you take good care of yourself, keep a measured life, enjoy your patients you will feel better after each patient, better after each day. Ultimately there is only energy - not good, not bad, only energy.


Are you familiar with Reiki or other eastern modalitites?
If you are then there are some good self-protection methods available.
Otherwise if you can go into alpha level, some other options may be available.
Else the meditation you use could hold a key.

Before we proceed any further, it might be useful to know.




thanks for the feedback. I am familiar with a few techniques, and use meditation when i get a chance. I think the key is to build it into my daily routine, and set aside 15 mins each day after clinic to 'regroup'! whereas is tend to rush home, my mind still buzzing thinking about my patients. I'd love to hear what everyone else does.

Chad, my phrase 'draining energy' was probably misleading, as I'm referring to the effect some patients have on you, and I definitely notice i'm physically exhausted after dealing with 'negative' or agressive/defensive/difficult people - I'd love to learn how to bounce that type of energy away, and not dwell on it for hours (sometimes days!) after the patient has left. Just the way meeting a happy, bubbly person leavs you in a good mood, a depressed or angry person can have the oppostie effect. I would do alot of energy work with my patients through mediation and visualisation to help them get over their own problems, I would do well to use it on myself more too!

The tips on time management and life balance are definiately true - will take on board


Not really 15 minutes, more like 3-5 mins. But it's got to be done before you start off for clinic. Just getting into alpha and putting up a shield that is more of a sieve/filter for negative emotions. But as you dig, needs DOING.



I have personally found that a strong, solid, daily meditation practice helps tremendously. It develops the witnessing mind and processes energy & emotions much more efficiently than we tend to do in a non-meditative state. Also, it helps develop a witnessing mind where it is easier to observe the thoughts & emotions (our own and others), without attaching and identifying. The suffering comes when we attach and identify with our clients stuff. Even if we don&#39t want to admit we are doing it, it can happen automatically & unconsciously, particularly if you are feeling drained from working on people. In this regard, meditation has been a career-saver for me. It gives me a continuous avenue to clear myself, and develop a stronger "witness."


Wow, Bayantree, your message is incredibly timely. I wrote this message 7 years ago, and have run a succesful practice since. But recently I have hit burn out, and was very seriously contemplating giving up the practice. I asked for a very clear sign about what i should do...and you reply to my very old original message! Not a coincidence :) thank you x

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